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Lagercrantz Group Acquires All Shares in Cue Dee AB

Lagercrantz Group is active in seven countries in Northern Europe, and in China.


Lagercrantz has about 1,100 employees and sales of over SEK 2.5 billion. Lagercrantz is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 2001.

LAGERCRANTZ BUSINESS is organized in four divisions, and Cue Dee will be part of the Mechatronics division.
The companies within Mechatronics today primarily offer electric connections systems, electric installation materials, electric and electro-mechanical components and wiring harness to customers in manufacturing industries, power generation and distribution.
With the acquisition of Cue Dee, the Mechatronic








company group will expand to include masts, towers and antenna mounts for the telecommunications industry.

LARS OLOFSSON, CEO and former co-owner of Cue Dee:
“We feel that the Lagercrantz Group will be a good owner for Cue Dee. As part of a larger group, we will be stronger, have more opportunities to take the next step in our development, and be able to reach the global tele-communications market.

We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation with both our customers and suppliers”.

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